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So I have started back at university now and in the house we are renting there are no rugs. It is very cold because it is all laminate flooring. The laminate flooring is terribly laid. There is a huge hole underneath one of my boards behind the door.

I would love a shaggy circle rug in my bedroom in purples and grey. My room is the smallest and could never fit a rug in. I miss my university campus room, we had carpets and could have the heating on whenever we wanted.

All of my house mates have moved in now and we are trying to adjust to living in a house together and doing things independently. Unfortunately I don’t have the internet at home so I have to travel all the way to the library with my computer because I refuse to use the library computers.

They are supposedly re- carpeting the cafe in the library so I wont be able to come to the library to get internet so i might have to hack into someones wifi.

My friends all have cheap ikea rugs in their bedrooms but I would love a designer one in mine.

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