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It’s a beautiful day

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

So it has been quite beautiful these past few days and they weather is looking pretty nice for the coming days too! Having sunshine means going out and have lunch in the parks around london and drinking cider in the afternoon and spending quality time with your children or partners.

Having a glorious day doesn’t mean you have to go for an adventure you could just stay in the comfort of your back garden. Taking out your rug to sit on it always a good idea, but make sure the grass or concrete is nice and clean before you lay it down! You dont want your glorious day to be spoiled by dirt on the bottom of your rug.

If you don’t want to take you nice luscious rug outside you can always take an old towel and a few cushions to bring indoor comforts outside!

rugs rugs glorious rugs

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

In today’s society everyone has a rug on their floor, be it a scraggy one they have had for years and haven’t gotten around to buying a new one or a beautiful one from rug designer.

Our rugs are beautiful, no doubt about it! They exude luxury and are 100% wool. Everyone should have a nice rug and from us and you don’t have t break the bank to have one. We can do anything on your rugs, we can make special colours just for you, we can cut out special shapes we can even make super, massive, huge ones.

We can collaborated with many designers these past months and have brought to you some smashing ones! They also come in different sizes to suit your needs!

Weird rugs part 2

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

So the other day I found a website with a few strange rugs on it and now I have found some more! There is a rug that a designer come up with that was pretty awesome, think Pandora off of Avatar, think glowing rugs! The electroluminescent rug is the creation of two engineering students, co-founders of Zolo Designs! The carpet shines after every step you make. The rug features touch-sensitive electroluminescence that shines as and when any load falls on it. Electroluminescence actively functions by passing current via light-emitting material that is electrified. When energized it generates a decipherable green-cyan blaze that is generally visible in LCD wristwatches or nightlights. Equipped with rechargeable batteries, illumination of the glow rug resides in the roots of concept only.

Pretty cool eh?

There was also a nice egg design where the leather yoke doubles up as soft seating or head rests, I think this rug would be awesome in a teenager’s or student’s room. Be the envy of your friends with an egg rug from Valentina Audrito!

Weird Rugs

Friday, March 11th, 2011

So I was trolling through the internet looking for something to write about when I found a website that had found a wonderful collection of weird rugs. One rug was a blow up sex doll ripped down the middle and thrown out like a bear rug. It was weird to say the least, As long as it stays in someones art collection it won’t be mistaken for an actually human rug.

This is a severely weird rug.

Some of the others weren’t as thought provoking, there was one made from real moss that you put in your bathroom so that it can keep growing from the moisture in the room.

Pretty strange since the growing of moss in your house is pretty uncouth.

The whole point or a rug is to make your house warmer and have more class or sophistication, or at least thats what we sell here at rug designer.

Removing a burn mark from your rug or carpet

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

Have you ever accidentally burnt your rug, let’s say by leaving straighteners on it or maybe ironing on the floor? Burn marks can be really tricky to get our of carpets without it leaving a noticeable trace. If the mark is only on the surface of the carpet you maybe able to scrub it out with steel wool or a lightweight sandpaper, this should get out any small marks, after this you will need to vacuum the area to get rid of any wool fibres or residue sandpaper.

Although this method is a sure fire way of getting rid of small surface marks, it may not work on much deeper piled carpets where there is a much visible mark still left after rubbing it with steel wool. If this is the case for you then you will have to use a utility knife to cut around the area, try to make the cut out a square of rectangle. This patch will then have to be filled by another piece of your carpet, this could be a remnant that you kept after the carpet was fitted, if  you have not kept this then use a piece that is not seen regularly like underneath a sideboard or chest of drawers etc.

Use the cut out piece of carpet as a template by drawing around it onto a piece of paper, then choose somewhere to cut out your new piece of carpet. Using a glue gun, glue the underside of the new patch and fit it into place. Glue around the edges to make sure the piece will not become dislodged when cleaning. Use a carpet tractor to roll the carpet piece into place and make sure the pile is nice and smooth, leave to dry thoroughly before you allowed anyone to walk on it.