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The Elle Decoration Design Competition – Runners up board

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

We had so many great designs sent in to our competition in partnership with Elle Decoration we feel obliged to show you all our great runners up too.  Here’s some of our top short listed designs and we hope you like them as much as we do.

Bethania Lima Bethania Lima
Miranda Mol Simon Reeves
Genevieve Wray Kirath Ghundoo
Liz Smith Imelda Gozali

We’ve opened up the comments on this post and would love to hear what you think of our talented budding rug designers. We’ll keep you posted on new and up-coming competitions and events.

Elle Decoration Design Competition Winner – Veena Solanki

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

We are very proud to announce the winner of the Elle decoration and Rug Designer competition. We would like to congratulate our winner from Ruislip, London, UK, Veena Solanki.

Well done Veena we love your design and can’t wait to see it turned into a lovely tactile Rug, many congratulations :-)

Elle Decoration Design Competition Winner

The things we put on the floor

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

So I went to a dance show recently which feature lecturers at my University in London. They were pretty contemporary dances. Some of them were quite boring and went on for too long. One of the solos was about “the things we walk on and sit on”. These “things” were rugs mainly, sheep skins, and hippy rugs. When I walked into the performance space, which is a dance studio with the windows covered so the space was dark, although the space was darkened there was no atmosphere.

The floor was covered in rugs, some of them were not very nice. They smelt like incense and had holes in, most of the rugs were borrowed from friends and students, so it was expected that some of them had holes in. Some of the rugs were sheep skin, some were thin and some were thick and shaggy.

The piece featured multimedia with a film being played at the beginning, the dancer was lying in the position that she was in wen we all walked into the space. I thought she would do the movements on the screen at the same time as being played. She didn’t which was a shame because this would have had a nice continuation between media and live action.

Wooly Shaggy Rugs

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Thick pile shaggy rugs are fashionable, comfortable and beautiful. They keep floors warm and bring great accents to the room. Try a contrasting colour and bring something modern to your rooms. Or if you already have a colour theme or a distinct colour in mind we can do colour matching to get an exact colour swatch if you provide us with a pantone colour or even a sample of the colour you want us to match.

The shaggy rugs that we make are luxurious and will last forever! Our rugs are made to order so all of our rugs are limited edition and if you choose a bespoke shape or cut out then your rug will be completely unique. Here at RugDesigner our rugs start at £99 per square metre so there is no excuse not to have a fabulous rug in your home!

Rug Sculpturing

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Can rug hooking be used to make anything other than flat rugs? Well I never thought it was possible but as I was browsing through Etsy- a online folk art shopping website, I stubbled upon a woman who makes sculptures out of wool using the rug hooking technique. If a giant pineapple is not your idea of a centre piece for your dining room table, never fear as there are a lot of other designs to choose for as well as flat penny rugs that she has also made by hand. All of her products are 100% wool and naturally dyed.

I thought that her modern and contemporary take on the old technique is ingenious and I would very much like to get my hands on one of her cool creations, if only I had around $300 lying around.

Rugs to clear and new designer rugs

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Her at rug designer we have some beautifully designed rugs to clear. They are all rather nicely sized rugs that can fit in to most living rooms. If you are looking for a cool and fashionable rug at a discounted price then click on our clearance rug section of our website.

We are very lucky to have new rugs on offer designed by the people over at Etoile home and Mini Moderns. All of the rugs have been designed especially for rug designer and will look awesome on any bedroom, living room or dining room floor. They come in standard sizes as the designs could stretch at different lengths and potentially spoil the effect.

So if you are looking for an original christmas idea, look no further than rug designer.

It’s that time of year…

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Big Brother has landed on our screens in the UK and the house is as amazing as ever! Custom made wallpaper, whirl pools, chill out areas with custom made upholstery and a nest, this place is so cool everyone should envy the big brother house mates.

This house is going to be the last Big Brother house ever in the UK, or so they say, 10 years of the big brother house and UK television audiences have seen some of the most outrageous and crazy interior design as of yet.

It’s colourful and bright with a carnival/ circus theme. And as it’s the last ever series the producers have paid tribute to stars of the show from the last 10 years.
Painted on the bathroom wallpaper and on plates on the kitchen are images of host Davina McCall, 42, interviewing a housemate.
There are also drawings of Orlaith McAllister, 31, and Craig Coates, 26, kissing in the pool for a dare on BB6 as well as BB7 lovebirds Mikey Dalton, 27, and Grace Adams Short, 24.
There are also plenty of pictures of chickens, homage to birds that housemates looked after in the first few series’.

For the first time since the Big Brother phenomenon started,  housemates can see people coming and going from the Diary Room also heading up to the outside world once evicted.

The interior of the house is almost completely perspex, making the house so public that no one can hide, the only place to not include prespex in it, is the toilets. The floors are all custom made for the house, all of which feature intricately designed rugs and carpets. In previous years rug company’s such as Amazed and Woven Ground have been given the responsibility and honour to design for the BB house.

An article on The Rug Company

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

One of the biggest name in rug design and manufacture in the UK is The Rug company. Set up by  Christopher and Suzanne Sharp in 1997 The Rug Company have only but prospered in the rug market. In the beginning the rug market was filled with old rugs descended from old traditional persian rugs. Their mission was to inject originality and design into the rug market and that is exactly what they have down. I’m sure they aren’t the first to do it but they have collaborated with many fashion designers on their rugs. Original versions of Paul Smith’s candy-striped Swirl, Vivienne Westwood’s ineffably British Flag and Marni’s brilliantly bold Margherita are becoming increasingly collectable. “Hopefully, people will look back on this period and see that it was an interesting time for rugs,” says Christopher. All of their rugs are made by Tibetan weavers based in Nepal, each rug is spun, cleaned, dyed and knotted entirely by hand, in ethically sound conditions.

Christopher says: “We set out to do one thing and we have stuck to it. We make great rugs. Not furniture, not tables, not chairs, just rugs.”

Modern rugs as wall hangings?

Friday, June 4th, 2010

The rug has always traditionally sat on the floor but it could also look great as a piece of art on a wall. Many rugs that are mounted on the wall are hand woven tapestries, normally very intricate and have delicate designs woven in. Many tapestries are hung in museums or churches due to their religious and historical natures. A tapestry is woven on a vertical loom. It is composed of two sets of intertwining threads, those running parallel to the length, the warp and those parallel to the width, the weft.

Unlike tapestries that are woven and are usually rather thin due to the use of cotton or silk threads, there are other types of rugs that can be hung onto walls. Amazed Ltd use wool rugs with thick pile for their wall hangings, using this type of rug can bring a contemporary feel into any room. Most of their rugs are indented with interesting patterns and designs, they are also oddly shaped and can be designed and made in many different styles and colours.

Maybe the future of large rugs is not on the floor but on the wall…

New and Innovative Bespoke Rugs

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Modern rugs can make a room feel homely and comfortable whilst adding taste to a room, much like owning a large rug by Henzel of Sweden. They excel in colour and art but also being practical- Henzel wool is durable and resilient but is also comfortable and safe. Henzel use the purest, cleanest, wool from New Zealand. The Henzel Studio is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Their primary aim is to design and manufacture individual pieces of great originality.

NEL, an evolving collective of Mexican designers, commissioned this bespoke rug by Spanish rug and carpet company Nanimarquina. The large rug, aptly name Global Warming contrasts the comfort and softness of a bespoke rug with a thorny problem that is specific to our time. Following the age-old tradition of using wool rugs as a means for communication and a cultural record, NEL is portraying global warming in a scene that invites us to reflect on our impact on today’s world.