Shaggy Rugs

Choose any pile between 3cm to 6cm and
mix up to 3 colours to create unique shaggy rugs

Luxurious 100% heavy wool shaggy rugs with hundreds of possible multi-coloured combinations.
Choose one of our standard colours or mix up to three colours and create your own unique rugs.
£299 per square meter & free delivery, it's a fantastic deal.

Just follow these three simple steps:

 Step one: Enter your length and width.

 Step two: Choose up to three colours.

 Step three: Then click the add to basket button.


boucle Rug

Shaggy rug order
Imperial to metric converter
ft. in. = cm.

Shaggy rugs - Price Calculator
cm wide
cm long
cm diameter (circular rugs)
£ UK Price.
(+ €49 delivery) EU Price.
$ (+ $199 delivery) USA Price.

Choose up to three colours

  mulberry pink
  soft purple
  pewter purple
  dusty pink
  ruby red
  rusty red
  bus red
  burnt orange
  light pink
  bitter chocolate
  old gold
  spice orange
  green beret
  soft lime
  mellow yellow
  khaki green
  orchard green
  sea green
  alpine green
  royal blue
  china blue
  deep turquoise
  light turquoise
  slate blue
  light mink
  dove white

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Shaggy rugs from £299

Luxurious wool shaggy rugs, with high pile length it's one of the heaviest rugs the market has to offer

Mix up to 3 colours and create your own Shaggy rug

Select from our range of 24 colours and have it made to measure so it's perfect for the space you have.

Order a shaggy rug swatch or colour samples

To see the quality of our shaggy rugs, why not spend £6.50 (includes P&P) and order a 30 x 30 cm swatch.

Choose your own shaggy pile length free of charge

You can have any pile between 3cm and 6cm.

Free Colour Swatches

We offer free colour swatches or to see our full colour range of yarns you can buy our colour box.

Shaggy rugs lead time

From the moment you place your shaggy rug order, expect it on your doorstep within 6 - 8 weeks.

Maximum sizes for our Shaggy Rugs

Rug designer is able to provide the largest shaggy rugs in the market, up to 17 meters long and 5 wide.